My Welsh Adventure – Barmouth


I thought I’d change country for this next blog post to somewhere a bit closer to home…Wales. This Monday (24th August 2019), I spent the day in the stunning town of Barmouth, Wales.

I started my journey at Wolverhampton train station embarking on a long, but direct 3 hour and 15-minute journey on the ever-reliable (or in my case, as you will find out later, unreliable) Arriva Trains Wales. The journey was comfortable surrounding by classically stunning Welsh hills and farm animals which soon transformed into equally beautiful coastal views.

View from the train

After 3 hours 15 minutes, I arrived at my destination: Barmouth. After popping into a local shop to gather the essential snacks for the day, I ventured out to try some of the local fish and chip shops. I was spoilt for choice as I soon found out! Eventually I settled on a fish and chip shop by the beachfront. After ordering takeout, I headed straight to the beach to find a quiet spot to relax and enjoy the food.

Barmouth beach

The beach – white sand scattered with seashells – was absolutely stunning, serving to host a whole variety of people looking to enjoy themselves, relax and swim. Laughter filled the air all around creating such a positive and memorable atmosphere. Not to mention, the sun was shining – which if you’re familiar with this area, you know it is very rare!

Barmouth beach

After a few hours of relaxing and sunbathing, I ventured out to the town to explore. But before I could do so…I had to get an ice cream! My choice was a classic Mr Whippy paired with bubble-gum and raspberry sauce! Content with my ice-cream, I walked out to the town, where I soon came into contact with several souvenir shops and local sweet shops full of different flavours of rock (sweets) and fudge.

After exploring, I made it back to the train station to catch the train. Little did I know, I was in for a treat…NOT! The train that I wanted to catch was cancelled! After a lack of announcements and several phone calls, we (myself and many other frustrated people wanting to get the train home) were told that there would be a replacement bus in 1hour-1 hour 30 minutes to take us home. After waiting and calling up again, this did not happen. As you can imagine, the stress mounted up as we all wondered if we would ever get home. Luckily an early issue regarding the trains was rectified and the very last train of the day to Wolverhampton was confirmed to run, although delayed. To cut a long story short, after a very lengthy and crowded train journey, I did in fact make it home!

To sum up my Welsh adventure up, I loved the beach and town of Barmouth, and I cannot recommend it enough! It is definitely worth the visit however; I do hope that the Arriva Trains Wales service gets a lot better in the future! But for now, on to the next adventure… x